As a youngster I was drawn to the magic of photography. My father recognized this interest and when I was 13 years old he bought himself a new 35mm camera and gave me his old 35mm Argus. It paved the way for a lifelong hobby that, in another world, might have evolved into a career.

In my early 20's, in addition to my very strong interest in art, design and photography, I developed a keen interest in cultural anthropology. Being sent to Germany in 1967 and then Vietnam in 1970 at the age of 24, opened my eyes to a whole world that was, up that point, mostly invisible to me. It ignited a deep appreciation of world culture that exists to this day. I firmly believe that this seed was planted in my early years-perhaps as far back as third grade, when I would get into trouble for having my nose in a National Geographic magazine at my desk when I was supposed to be listening to the teacher.

During my year long Vietnam tour, more than half of that time was devoted to my being battalion photographer as well as my other duty as head construction draftsman. The early Vietnam photos in this book are from that period, and that year also was the fuse that lit my long standing interest in Asian culture.

Over the years, as I've traveled to many different countries throughout the world as well as different parts of my own country, I used cameras to document my impressions. These images are some of my favorites over the years. The early photos, those from 1970 to 2000 are either from negative or print scans. Those taken after 2000 are digital media.

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